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Pepper Family

(Quite a few photos - be patient)

Well, 1999 is here, so time to put up a permanent page. Jack and I enjoy our life here out in the boondocks, down behind the groves, on Lake Buffum.
Jack is working nites now, from 6 PM to 6 AM. He is having a tough time with that shift. He has never worked nights on a regular basis before, and is talking about getting another position where he can at least work from 3 PM to Midnite.
I am still doing Avon, besides taking care of the house and building Web pages, which I really LOVE doing. Mary sending me that old computer was the best miracle that could have happened for me. Thank you Mary.
Most of this Family page will be photos. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed doing them.

Catherine & Jack (1992)

Catherine, ages 20 and 30

Baby Doll & Buttons


Baby Doll

Baby Doll

Lisbeth's friend, Ned. He guards our driveway.

Jack's favorite pastime

Jack, Clint, DJ, Danyuhl, Baby Doll, Reecee
taking a walk in the orange groves.

Our beautiful canal in 1989

As many of you already know, I have been taking courses in HTML. I have even signed up for the course in Java Script, although I doubt I will ever use it. Some of my new Web and Graphics friends tell me that their are always problems with it.
Here are my certificates. Please click on either one to see how easy the 101 course is, and to see the Frameset I did which I am justly proud of.
Any of you are welcome to copy either the Form or the Table and put your own stuff in it. If you email me, I will be glad to tell you how to copy the coding easily, and help you put your own words in, if you need any help. Some of you will not need it. I have always shared whatever I had with my Family, and this is just another way to share.


HTML 201


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The 11th Commandment

By Catherine