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Season or Monthly Family News Page Two

This Family News page is dedicated to
Grandmother Clark


Maryfaye Helen Kecko

From Maryfaye Helen

Work & Races & Work & Races....

...and work and races and work and races and cut the grass and work and races and work and races and do the housework and work and races and work and races........

May 7th-9th, We will be in Powder Springs, DJ has been invited to the Double Grand Nationals, (BMX), for being one of the top riders in his local class. He has come in 2nd or 3rd in EVERY race that he has been in so far. We will also be going to three state qualifing races over the next two months, DJ has a really good shot at making it to the state championships!!!!!!!
Danny & Clint are both doing really well too and we expect Danyuhl to begin doing better when we get his new racing bike out of layaway. It is an 8 lb mini, a redline, much lighter than his current bike and what all the other racers his age are riding.

We are all looking forward to Aunt Amy's visit on May 28th, and plan on taking her to a race with us, as well as having a big bar-b-que with all of the Georgia clan that weekend at Morganton Point, here at the house or at Greg's. I still have to get with everyone to iron out this event and get it organized.

Mary has gotten a new "BMX Transport", a Toyota 4Runner. Now we can haul boys AND bikes without damage to any of them!!    YEAH!!
Mary's Job and her three BMX racers keep her VERY VERY busy.
Our Anniversary is May 9th. All is well here!!

Love, Mary


Amy Marlene Armsden

From Amy Marlene

Spring News

Jamie and I are planning a visit to see everyone in Georgia on Memorial Day weekend and we will be staying with Mary. We are looking forward to seeing the boys race on friday evening and visiting with everyone at the Bar-B-Que Mary has planned.

Jamie is just days away from taking her road test to get her license and has bought herself an '89 Corsica with the money she has been saving from her part-time job.

John spends his free time on the computer or fixing up his sled for the next snowmobile season. Winter never lasts long enough for him. He and I have just finalized our plans for a 3 night stay in beautiful Canada on one of the lakes this coming July.

I am very busy with my courses and with some new volunteer work at the animal shelter. Already I have completed 10 of the 37 required courses and loving each one.

The daffodils are in full bloom now. I had to cut the lawn for the first time this season this week. It is very green here in New York, and quite wet this time of year.
Wishing everyone a happy spring from us Millers. Love to all!


I can leave your pic out if you wish

From Another One of Mama's Grandchildren

Your Spring News Here

Come on guys. I do not think you know how much Amy, Aunt Faye, Chris, and Aunt Catherine enjoy reading everyone's news. It is because we are so far away from everyone else, and are hungry for "Family" contact. This helps us to stay in touch and feel closer to all of you in the Georgia clan. It only takes a couple minutes to send an email with a short note on your current doings. It is not like you have to put it on here yourself. Either Uncle John or Aunt Catherine will do that for you.
Christina, everyone wants to see some news from you, too. Email it to your mother!


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