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Message for Audrey's Mommy
From: Audrey
I've put you through some hurtful times, by not sharing enough of my hurtful times. But in my mind's eye, I was protecting you from being hurt. Now that I'm a mommy too, I see how wrongful this was of me. This, I think, is one of my cherished lessons I've learned from you. I hope to have the wisdom to teach my babies to share even their hurtful times, right then and there, not miles down the line, because mommies we will always be. and we are not just for skinned up knees.
                                           Love, Audrey    

Message for EVERYONE
From: Faye Clark Haynes
We all know the hopes, joys and heartaches of being a parent, so this Mothers Day, I am sending up a prayer to Great Spirit, The Creator Of Us All, to send a special Blessing to all of our Mothers. I think that includes even some of our Fathers who are filling in for us Moms. Faye Clark Haynes    

Message for Catherine Pepper
From: Amy
Dear Mom,
    With each passing year my appreciation for you grows. Thank you for always encouraging me and recognizing my accomplishments. Everybody needs someone who believes in them and you have been that angel all throughout my life.
    Now more than ever your love and light is spreading out to brighten the lives of so many people through your work and wisdom. You are one of Mother Earth's most precious elders. I'm proud of you too.
    Happy Mother's day Mom. Love, Amy.

Message for Brother
From: Sister
Dear Brother, You are one of the most nurturing and caring person that I have ever known. That may seem strange to some because you are very masculine. You never look for a fight, but you do not back down when challenged. I remember when John Jr. was born, how you made the formula, changed the diapers, did the laundry, talked to the baby and rocked him, and gently cared for his mother as well. This was repeated several times, as the other children came along. Now once again you are "mothering" a young man coming up. Snotty noses, spilled food, muddy feet, laughs, hugs, kisses, and home-schooling besides. You deserve the best on Mother's Day as well as on Father's Day. Love ya..

Message for Mama
From: Catherine
Dear Mama, It will soon be Mother's Day, and then your Birthday. Some years your Birthday comes on the same day as Mother's Day. I did not have opportunity to see much of you the last few years you were on Mother Earth. But for many years I enjoyed your sharp mind, droll wit, and diversity of knowledge. I remember sitting around as a child and listening to you discuss philosophy, science, religion, UFO's, parapsychology (telepathy, clairvoyance, and psychokinesis), horses, family history, and many other things. It was one of my favorite things to do. As an adult I enjoyed being the one to discuss these things with you. I still do crossword puzzles, which I learned from you; have a couple of your paperback crossword dictionaries. They are all yellow now and out of date, but I would not part with them. I know that you are enjoying dancing in the Light. I'll be seeing you. Let's learn a little more next time.
Sending you my love, hugs, and respect.

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