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This Family News page is dedicated to
Grandmother Clark

Reba Edith Hewitt Clark
Born May 13, 1905 - Athens, Ohio

Father: Pulaski Hewitt   Mother: Daisy Ellen Wharton

Mama at Bedford Hills
This very old photo was taken where Mama worked,
before Catherine's children were born.

I believe that Mama is very pleased with us becoming a closer Family and with what we are doing here. She likes new things. She very much enjoyed and understood the Moon Landings, Voyager, etc. while she was here with us in physical form. If she were still in that form she would be right here online with us, with that special "proud" smile every time she learned something new!

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Llewellyn John

From Llewellyn John

The Tick

Man, was I tired. It had been an exceptionally good week, but one week with my great-nephews was enough. Don't get me wrong, they are great boys, but I am getting a little too old to keep up with them on a regular basis. You see, for some reason they insist on acting like boys, and doing all the things that energetic young men do.
Clint is12, DJ is 10, and of course, the instigator of the group Danyhul, is 8. Their mother, Mary, my niece, works for one of our local construction companies as a project engineer and really does not have much time for the boys during the day. She is a great Mom and spends her evenings with them, and takes very good care of them. The boys all race in the local BMX races, are all doing quite well in school, and are all generally very well behaved. DJ is the champion racer of the group, though the other boys are doing very well. They all give it their best.
During the day, I home school my own son Johnathan. Johnathan is 6 years old, and a product of my later years. I am 63. Watching Mary's boys, works out quite well, because they are good companions for my son, and give him some good after-school social activities. This is excellent for his development.
Well, spring break came along, and I was "honored" to have the boys for 6 full days while their mother was at work. The week went well, we all lived through it, but I have to admit, it was a relief when they all started back to school again. The boys had been well behaved, but they are boys, and sometimes it gets a little hectic keeping up with them. The week finally came to a peaceful end and all was well with the world again. Johnathan went to spend the weekend with his mother and I had some time to rest and reflect.
Mary was very pleased that the week had gone well, so she and the boys decided to take me to the local steak house, to show their appreciation. She assured me that the boys would be well behaved, in public, and not cause any embarrassment. Being basically gullible, I believed her. A mistake I am sure I will make again in the future.
We all arrived at the Circle J steakhouse without incident and all was going well. We placed our orders and found a good table in the front by the isle and settled in for a good meal. The service was excellent and the boys were well behaved. I would recommend the Circle J to anyone, their food and service are above average. The boys made several trips to the food and desert bar without incident, and everyone was having an excellent evening. I was impressed.
Mary and I had finished our meal and settled down to have our after dinner cigarette and coffee, full, satisfied, and relaxed. The boys were sitting across the table, finishing their desert, and starting to fidget just a little. Danyhul, sitting directly across from me, had started to pick at his hair. He suddenly looked up at his mother and said, in a fairly loud voice, "Look mom! A tick!" He pulled a fairly large tick from his head, laid it on the table, and without pause, his older brother Clint took a knife and started to mash it. The tick slipped from under the knife, and the last I saw, it was flying across the dining room.
It was time to leave.

Faye Ialyn

From Faye Ialyn

Hi Everyone

Erica was here for Christmas and we had a good "get aquainted" visit. She is a beautiful young lady and a typical teenager. We went to Bush Gardens with Audrey and Becca, and had a fun time. We all cried when she had to leave.
Audrey, Becca and Charlie are all well. Charlie [C.J.] is now walking. The new addition to their family will be about Aug.18.
Last Fall Ray enclosed our back pourch. Put in a huge picture window and finished it all in cedar paneling. It is beautiful and gives me peace in my soul for hours, as I sit there and watch the wild birds come and go.
We have seen many different kinds of birds here. Migratory [robins, orioles, cedar waxwings, northern shrike, various warblers, etc.] and local [white wing, ringneck and mourning doves, grackels, redwing blackbirds, cardinals, bluejays, mockingbirds and more. Have I made you think I love birds? I wonder why?
I really enjoyed my recent trip to see Burton and Billy in Denver and to pick up my '81 Lincoln Mark 6. It is a signature series and in 2 years I can get a collectable tag on it.
I also spent a day at the house of Burt's friends. We had corn beef and cabbage [delicious!], made by J.R., the brother who studied to be a chef. I learned to play a 'new to me' domino game; played with partners, like a card game. And I met the Grandmom, Great Grandmom, Mom & Dad, their 3 boys and the 2 brothers. They treat Burt as a brother and made me feel like family, too. Even gave me their E-Mail address :).
I spent several days with Billy and Maria. She is a sweet woman whom I have come to love. We went to Mass on Sunday. The Church and service were both beautiful. I went for a ride with Billy to see the MOUNTAINS which were breathtaking and made me homesick. Billy and I had many long spiritual talks. He has finally begun to take that first step to The CREATOR OF US ALL,and seen that He or She cannot be limited to rigid values. He is struggling with himself.
I also saw Reba, on my way home. She is much better, but very homesick for us all. She feels that if she could come back she can never again come "home".
I want to send Chris special love and thanks for giving me such a wonderful gift. It has brought me closer to all of you and I love you all very much.
Oh, I forgot to mention that I also stopped to see Shelva and Mable. They both looked great and Shelva hopes to soon be on line. LUV U . Faye Clark Haynes

Here is a portrait of Mama taken in 1984, while she was living with Ray and me.

Reba Edith Hewitt Clark

Catherine Mae

From Catherine Mae

Sub Tropical Spring [:o(

This time of year is when I really miss being in a different part of Turtle Island. When everything turns green after being brown and tan or white for a few months; when the trees are covered with beautiful, fragrant blossoms; when flocks of retuning birds pass by; when all the four leggeds give birth to a new generation; it truly seems like a resurrection, a time of new beginnings. The Cycle of Life is obvious. This lifts our hearts and spirits.
Here there is little change. Grasses and some trees become a little greener. The birds nest again, but these changes are subtle, so do not have the same effect as in less mild climates.
I have a new friend who is a native Californian like we three siblings. The photos she sent of her Mountain Home make Faye and I homesick. She is one of my Medicine Wheel students. I am getting a lot of requests for information from my Star Spider Dancing pages. So far I have been able to tell them where to find the information they need even though I usually have to send them to another page. But Jan is the only one I have really got to know and become close to.
Jack is working days again. It is a good thing. He never did adjust to nites. Could not sleep enough in the day time. Not because of disturbances, he is just not a Nite Owl. Like the seasons here, everything else is about the same. We wish the whole Family a happy Spring. Enjoy, as it will not be here again til next year, )smile(

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