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Happy Holidays


Happy Birthday

Gladys Leslie Butler
January 3..............1919

Monteville Rex Martin
January 7..............1980

Audrey Joan Angold O'Connor
January 13..............1965

Sendy Butler Clark
January 20..............1968

Mack Butler
January 20..............1964

Frank Johnson
January 20..............1959

Susan Ann Armsden
January 29..............1959

December 24, 1999: Took Lisbeth shopping on a pass. Asked her if she received CHRISTMAS CARDS this year. She said "from you and from Amy. (pause) the rest the family don't care about me."
January 6, 2000: Lisbeth called - she was upset because "all the beautiful expensive gifts I ordered for everyone in the family for Christmas did not come!" "the staff must have stolen them!" This was fantasy of course, but, you see, the THOUGHT for everyone was there.

And it would mean so much for such a small investment of your time and money!

Lisbeth's address for Get Well cards:

Lisbeth Armsden,  Roosevelt,
GP Wood Memorial Hosp.,
Arcadia FL,  34266 - 9627

"John, several years ago when Lisbeth had been there a long time and was still quite ill at Christmas, I got a Get Well and Christmas card campaign going from our Meditation group and a church prayer group.  You would not believe how she treasured those cards, full of love, light, and prayers that came to her. She cried and said  Mom, all these years I been sick and no one except you ever sent me a card before."  Amy always remembers her at Christmas and birthday with card and gift, but all other family seem to have placed her in the forgotten file.  she often asks me for prayers, and for sage. (cleansing, dispels negativity, spiritual ).  I am going to dedicate a page to her with connections to NAMI and explanations of her biological based disease."

February 12, 1999:
The pages dedicated to Lisbeth are completed . There are photos of her and of her daughter, Katrina, pictures of her pets, a poem she wrote that was published. Please click on Lisbeth's Button on the left to View her page. Click on the NAMI logo below to learn the Facts about physical brain disorders.

April 17,1999

Poem For Lisbeth
I read your page today and cried.
I never understood how hard you tried.
Locked behind those bars of Fate,defied
Your soul still lives in Light,inside.
I'd never have the courage, Beth,
To live with every single breath
A fight for life instead of death.
But by some mighty leap or stretch
Of faith you upward soar and fly,
To reach the freedom of the sky.
To ride the mighty Pegasi
In realms where souls can never die.
Aunt Faye

"We support the work of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children." 

Shephard Spinal Clinic in Atlanta
did a wonderful job with my son
Gregory Clark, when he injured himself
three years ago. I can't thank them enough.
Please visit the link below.


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